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From Much Ado to Much ADONE!

Much Ado about Nothing

August 2023

Directed by Jarrod DeRooi

…there are no actual weak links in DeRooi’s presentation, but its absolute strength is in the fun brought by Luxton and Blouin, who prove well-matched with their facial expressions, delivery, and the physicality…

The Prenzie Players’ Much Ado About Nothing is a gift to the Quad Cities: a true testament to how art can transform a space, and how classical theatre continues to be relevant.

Madeline Dudziak, River Cities’ Reader
JC Luxton (Benedick) and Lily Blouin (Beatrice) [Photo Credit: Mattie Gelaude]

See also John Turner’s interviews with cast and others:

“The People of Much Ado”

After a three-and-a-half-year hiatus, the PRENZIE PLAYERS mounted a production this August [2023].

Prenzie Veteran Jarrod DeRooi directed Shakespeare’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. This comedy from Shakespeare’s middle period is one of his wittiest, with Benedick and Beatrice starting out with total disdain for each other that blossoms (with much help) into deepest love. Of course, everything that could possibly go wrong with this love story does, and the ways disaster is defeated are more than half the fun of this engaging work.

The cast is a Who’s Who of talent in the Quad-City area and beyond.

There are founding members of the Prenzie Players — JC Luxton playing the male lead (Benedick) and Denise Yoder as Dona Petra.

There are Prenzie regulars Jess White, Noah Stivers, Jen Brown, Mattie Gelaude and Kitty Israel in major roles.

Noah Stivers (Claudio), Denise Yoder (Doña Petra), JC Luxton (Benedick) [Photo Credit: Mattie Gelaude]

People new to Prenzie include female lead Lily Blouin (Beatrice), who has participated in just about every other theater group in the QC area, and Iowa City actors John Smick and Ryan Elgin.

There are even some new faces to theater here. Mark Garden, who turned heads with his stunning work in his first-ever role in TWELVE ANGRY JURORS (Playcrafters) plays the ‘heavy’ Don John, and the troubadour Balthazar is to be the first role since high school for Davenport musician Jenny Lynn Stacy.

The Watch: Ben Graham (Dogberry), John Smick (Seacoal), Milo Houdyshell (Verges), and Mischa Hooker (Oatcake) [Photo Credit: Mattie Gelaude]

Jarrod DeRooi has been a Prenzie regular for 14 years and had the title role in CORIOLANUS in 2017.

This show promised to re-introduce the Prenzie motto: “Theater is not a passive experience.”

MUCH ADO played at the Village Theatre (2113 E. 11th St, Davenport), August 3-6.



Jessica White
Leonetta, former soldier of Messina

Lily Blouin
Beatrice, Leonetta’s niece

Mattie Gelaude
Hero, Leonetta’s daughter

Denise Yoder
Doña Petra, Princess of Aragon

JC Luxton
Benedick, an officer in Doña Petra’s army

Mark Garden
Don John, bastard brother of Doña Petra

Kitty Israel
Corrada, a soldier in Doña Petra’s army
Ursula, a waiting gentlewoman to Hero

Ryan Elgin
Borachio, employee of Leonetta
Friar Francis

John Smick
Antonio, Leonetta’s brother
George Seacoal, a member of the Watch

Jen Brown
Margaret, a waiting gentlewoman to Hero
The Sexton

Mischa Hooker
Hugh Oatcake, a member of the Watch

Ben Graham
Dogberry, Master Constable of the Watch

Milo Houdyshell
Verges, attendant to Dogberry

And Introducing…

Jenny Lynn Stacy
Balthasar, a soldier and musician


Director: Jarrod DeRooi

Stage Manager: Liz Sager

Producer: Mike Schulz

Artistic Director: Catherine Bodenbender

Costumes: Kate Farence, THE CAST

Lighting Design: Roger Pavey, Catherine Bodenbender, Josef Bodenbender

Fight Choreography: Lily Blouin, Denise Yoder

Set Design: Jeremy Mahr, Jarrod DeRooi

Photography: Mattie Gelaude

Set Construction: Aaron E. Sullivan, Jenny Lynn Stacy, Denise Yoder, Jessica White, Deb Herman, John Herman, Joe DeRooi, Ron DeRooi, Cody Tebbit, Eila Tebbit, Matt Moody, Andrew Bruning, Emily Brehn-Stecher, Alice DeRooi, Jarrod DeRooi, THE CAST

Publicity: John R. Turner, Mischa Hooker, Denise Yoder, Kitty Israel, John Smick

Special Thanks

Matt Moody & The Village Theatre
Brent Tubbs & The Spotlight Theatre
Playcrafters Barn Theatre
Mischa Hooker & The New Athens Players
Jeremy Mahr
Andy Koski
Aaron E. Sullivan
Andrew Bruning
John and Sandy Turner
Deb and John Herman
Thorin Peugh & the Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Farewell, Wives…

The Merry Wives of Windsor

November 2019

Directed by Jake Walker

“…a feast of unstuffy pre-Thanksgiving goodness… definitely not a production to be missed” –Madeline Dudziak, River Cities’ Reader

Click here for a slide show of production photos (courtesy of TKPhotoCo) on Facebook

Kitty Israel, Emma Regnier and Mike Carron in Merry Wives of Windsor
Photo Credit: Mattie Gelaude

One bawdy knight. Two merry wives. Three sticky situations.

Falstaff Greets Mistress Ford
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co
Master Brook and Falstaff
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co

In one of the Bard’s most enduring comedies, one of the Bard’s most enduring characters (Falstaff), arrives in Windsor with the intent to swindle two prominent families out of their money. But when he matches wits with the wives of said families, he finds that he may be in over his head.

Quickly Speaks with Shallow and Slender
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co
Photo Credit: TK Photo Co



Kate Farence
Shallow, a visiting justice of the peace

John Turner
Sir Hugh, a Welsh parson

Noah Stivers
Slender, Shallow’s nephew
John, servant to the Fords

Michael Carron
Sir John Falstaff

Mattie Gelaude
Bardolph, servant to Falstaff

Josef Bodenbender
Robin, Falstaff’s page

Denise Yoder
Mistress Quickly

Mischa Hooker
Doctor Caius, a French physician

Kitty Israel
Mistress Page

Emma Regnier
Mistress Ford

Nathan Klaus
Master Ford

And Introducing…

Elliott Frieden
Master Page

Jenya Loughney
Pistol, servant to Falstaff
Rugby, servant to Doctor Caius

Robert Cheney
Nim, servant to Falstaff
Robert, servant to the Fords

Annie Mitchell
Anne Page
Host of the Garter Inn


Director: Jake Walker
Assistant Director: Aaron E. Sullivan
Artistic Director, Light / Sound Technician: Catherine Bodenbender
Set Design: Jake Walker
Set Construction: Catherine Bodenbender, Aaron E. Sullivan, Jake Walker, The Cast
Reservations Coordinator: Mischa Hooker
Publicity Photography: Mattie Gelaude
Graphic Designer: Nathan Klaus
Marketing Team: Mischa Hooker, Kitty Israel, Nathan Klaus, Denise Yoder

Special Thanks

The Butterworth Center and Deere-Wiman House
Dori Foster
Quad City Music Guild
Rockridge High School
Byron Walker
QC Theatre Workshop
Rock Island High School
Mike Turczynski
Peg Walker

Recently Ended… Well

Prenzie Players Present: All’s Well That Ends Well
By William Shakespeare

Directed by Catherine Bodenbender
October 2017

“…a rare and fascinating concept that utilizes a tight ensemble cast in an uncommon, intimate setting. The blend results in a shrewd and industrious production of one of Shakespeare’s less-produced comedies.”
Jeff Ashcraft, River Cities Reader

Bertram leaves home, first to be a courtier to the King of France and then to be a soldier for the Duke of Florence. But he can’t seem to escape Helen, who insists that she be his wife. Does she have a rightful claim to Bertram’s heart and hand? Why does Helen continue to pursue him after he rejects her? And how far is “too far” when someone is trying to take control of their life?

Stephanie Burrough and Andy Curtiss in All's Well
Stephanie Burrough and Andy Curtiss in All’s Well

Andy Koski and Matt Moody in All's Well
Andy Koski and Matt Moody in All’s Well

Adam Lewis and Stephanie Burrough in All's Well
Adam Lewis and Stephanie Burrough in All’s Well

Mattie Gelaude and Andy Curtiss in All's Well
Mattie Gelaude and Andy Curtiss in All’s Well

Promo Poster


The Cast

Angela Rathman
The Countess of Rousillon, mother to Bertram

Andy Curtiss
Bertram, Count of Rousillon

Andy Koski
Lafeu, a French nobleman
The Duke of Florence

Stephanie Burrough-McFarren
Helen, daughter of Gerard de Narbonne

Adam Michael Lewis
Parolles, companion to Bertram

Matt Moody
The King of France
Escalus, son of the Duke of Florence

Mattie Gelaude
The Nurse to the King of France
Diana, a maiden of Florence

Nathan Klaus
Dumain, a young French nobleman

Mischa Hooker
Longeville, a young French nobleman

Beth Woolley
Rinalda, steward to the Countess of Rousillon
Berowne, a young French nobleman who joins the Duke of Florence in battle

Denise Yoder as
The Widow of Florence, mother to Diana

The Crew

Director: Catherine Bodenbender
Producer: Jake Walker
Light Designer: Jesse Mohr
Graphic Designer: Nathan Klaus
Front of House: Jeremy Mahr

Special Thanks

The Deere-Wiman House
The Butterworth Center
Aaron E. Sullivan
Lis Athas
Kitty Israel
QC Theatre Workshop


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