What’s Next?

The Two Noble Kinsmen
By William Shakespeare and John Fletcher

Directed by Catherine Bodenbender

Originally scheduled for Spring 2020. Postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis: As with most theater and arts organizations, the pandemic has upended our plans, but we will be back!

UPDATE (2021): Now that vaccinations are proceeding apace, and restrictions are easing in Illinois and Iowa, we will be trying to regroup and make new plans soon!

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All the Works | Seasons of Discontent

Continue to keep in mind Prenzie’s “All the Works | Seasons of Discontent” capital campaign. “All the Works” refers to our plans to complete the canon; “Seasons of Discontent” is what we are calling our planned cycle of plays from Edward III to Richard III, our new and expanded “Henriad.” Visit the campaign page to find out more and to be part of Prenzie’s future!

Here’s the video for the campaign:

Video by Joshua Ford of Ford Photography

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