King John is Gone…

Directed by Kate Farence
April 2018

“Fine performances…one of the more balanced productions I’ve seen presented by the Prenzies.”

Jeff Ashcraft, River Cities’ Reader

“Feel the intensity of King John… While the dialogue is pristinely original, the delivery makes it feel so much more modern. Even if you don’t have a knack for Shakespearean interchange, you will still be able to follow this story line.”

Tess Abney,

“Kudos to Prenzie for adhering to its mission to perform the full canon of Shakespeare’s works. Kate Farence ably pilots a squadron of very capable veterans as well as some talented and refreshing newcomers to the Prenzie stage.”

Chris Hicks, Dispatch-Argus


Photo Credit: Tracy Skaggs
Betrayal. Bloodshed. Bastards.

Prenzie Players present William Shakespeare’s King John, the story of England’s maniacal monarch and his violent pursuit of power – by whatever means necessary.

Although the show’s run is over, you can still have fun with the King John Coloring Book and the Co-Author King John game!

Photo Credit: Tracy Skaggs
King John Fight
Photo Credit: John Turner
Photo Credit: John Turner
Tracy Skaggs as Austria
Photo Credit: John Turner
Susan and Jess as Eleanor and Constance
Photo Credit: John Turner

The Cast

Jeremy Mahr
King John of England

Susan Perrin-Sallak
Queen Elinor, his mother and widow of Henry II of England

Brody Ford
Prince Henry, his son

Kitty Israel
Blanche of Castille, his niece
& Roberta Bigot, Lady Earl of Norfolk

Andy Curtiss
William ‘Long-Sword’, Earl of Salisbury

Mike Carron
William Marshal, Lord of Pembroke

Joe Sager
Peter of Pomfret, an English “prophet”
& an English Soldier
& a French Soldier

Katie Nichols
An English Attendant
& an English Soldier

Mattie Gelaude
An English Attendant
& a Citizen of Angiers
& an English Messenger
& a French Soldier

Nathan Klaus
Philip Faulconbridge, also known as The Bastard and Sir Richard Plantagenet, the illegitimate son of Richard I of England and Lady Faulconbridge

Tracy Skaggs
Robert Faulconbridge, legitimate son of the deceased Sir Robert and Lady Faulconbridge
& Duke of Austria, an ally of Queen Philippa of France

Alaina Pascarella
Lady Faulconbridge, Philip’s and Robert’s mother
& Cardinal Pandulph, representative of Pope Innocent III

Denise Yoder
Queen Philippa of France

Cole McFarren
Louis the Dauphin, her son

Mischa Hooker
Chatillion, a French Nobleman and Ambassador to King John
& Langton, the Archbishop of Canterbury

Jessica White
Constance, wife of Geoffrey the deceased son of Henry II of England

Joe Brune
Arthur, her son, nephew of King John, claimant to the throne of England

Angela Rathman
Hubert, a Citizen of Angiers and later supporter of the English cause

The Crew

Director: Kate Farence
Assistant Director: Payton Brasher
Stage Manager: Liz Sager
Fight Choreographer: Aaron E. Sullivan
Fight Master: Payton Brasher
Set Design: Kate Farence
Set Construction: Payton Brasher, Kate Farence, Andrew Lord, Elizabeth Woolley, Denise Yoder, and Tom Sallak
Set Painting: Catherine Bodenbender, Kate Farence, Nathan Klaus, Alaina Pascarella, and Liz Sager
Sound and Lights: Elizabeth and Justin Hager
Sound and Light Board Operator: Andrew Bruning and Liz Sager
Props: Angela Rathman, Denise Yoder, and THE CAST
Costumes: Kate Farence, Angela Rathman, Denise Yoder, and THE CAST
Artistic Director and Producer: Catherine Bodenbender
Front of House: Catherine Bodenbender

Special Thanks

Butterworth Center and Deere-Wiman House
Tyson Danner
Aimee and Josh Ford
Quad Cities Theatre Workshop