The Winter’s Tale

Directed by J. C. Luxton
November 2009

“The Prenzie Players’ The Winter’s Tale is better than great; it’s true stage wizardry.”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“A roller coaster of emotions…”
Stephanie de Pasquale, Quad-City Times

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Leontes, King of Sicily, overcome by a sudden, maddening, unreasoning jealousy, sets out to destroy his marriage, family, and kingdom—all in the name of justice. One of the late great romances, an exploration of the worth and price of redemption, rich in love, music, and comedy with an unforgettable conclusion, The Winter’s Tale is William Shakespeare at his most affecting and most profound.

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The Cast

Jeremy Mahr
Autolycus, Bohemian courtier, peddler, liar, rogue
An Anonymous Sicilian Doctor

Andy Lord
Camillo, attendant to Leontes
Lord Antigonus of Sicilia, husband to Paulina

Stephanie Moeller
Prince Mamillius, son to Leontes & Hermione
Perdita, foundling daughter of Porrus

Denise Yoder
Lady Paulina of Sicilia, wife to Lord Antigonus
An Anonymous Bohemian Shepherdess

David Furness
Polixenes, King of Bohemia, father to Prince Florizel

Adam Lewis
Leontes, King of Sicilia, husband to Hermione, father to Mamillius
An Anonymous Bohemian Shepherd

Beth Woolley
Queen Hermione, originally of Russia, wife to Leontes, mother to Mamillius

Dani Helmich
An Anonymous Lady-in-Waiting of Sicilia
Lady Cleomena of Sicilia
An Anonymous Bohemian Servant
Mopsa, a Bohemian shepherdess

Kate Farence
An Anonymous Lady-in-Waiting of Sicilia
Lady Dian of Sicilia
An Anonymous Bohemian Servant
Dorcas, a Bohemian shepherdess

Molly McLaughlin
Emilia, steward to Lady Paulina
An Anonymous Sicilian Mariner
An Anonymous Bohemian Shepherdess

Jarrod DeRooi
An Anonymous Lord of Sicilia
Dorastus, a Bohemian shepherd, son to Porrus, adopted brother to Perdita

John R. Turner
An Anonymous Lord of Sicilia
Porrus, a Bohemian shepherd, father to Dorastus, adopted father to Perdita

Cole McFarren
An Anonymous Sicilian Officer
Prince Florizel of Bohemia, son to King Polixenes