What You Will, or, Twelfth Night

Directed by Stephanie Burrough
October 2005

At the historic Montgomery Ward Building, downtown Moline, IL

“hugely entertaining… a mad, glorious, superbly-performed version of the Bard’s classic.”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“…you’ll love it, no matter what it is called.”
Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

“This is not the kind of Shakespeare most of us are used to. And that is precisely the reason the Prenzies do what they do.”
Toni Wilson, Dispatch-Argus

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Poster for Twelfth Night


Program for Twelfth Night

The Cast

Jeff DeLeon
Orsino, Count of Illyria

Bryan Woods
Curio, a gentleman attending on Count Orsino
Sebastian, twin brother of Viola

Aaron Sullivan
Valentine, a gentleman attending on Count Orsino
Antonio, a sea captain

Karl Bodenbender
An anonymous musician

Linnea Ridolfi
Viola, twin sister to Sebastian

John R. Turner
Sir Toby Belch, uncle to Countess Olivia

Linda Golden
Maria, a gentlewoman attending on Countess Olivia
An officer in the service of Countess Olivia

Anthony Anderson
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, a companion of Sir Toby

Cait Bodenbender
Feste, Olivia’s jester

Denise Yoder
Countess Olivia
An officer in the service of Count Orsino

Tracy Skaggs
Malvolio, Steward to Countess Olivia

Bill Jullivan-Sennin
Fabian, a gentleman attending on Countess Olivia

And Introducing
Andrew J. Koski
An Anonymous Sea Captain

Direction: Stephanie Burrough & THE CAST
Costumes & Sewing: Cait Bodenbender, Denise Yoder, Sandy Turner, Stephanie Burrough
Fight Master: Aaron Sullivan
Musical Direction: Cait Bodenbender
Publicity: Denise Yoder
Set Design and Construction: Donald Burrough, Aaron Sullivan
Assistant Direction: J.C. Luxton

Special Thanks

Donald and Suezanne Burrough
Christopher Burrough
Comedy Sportz
The Downtown Moline Public Library
Dan Lee
Sherry & John Luxton
Lara Rehnberg
The Saint Ambrose Theatre Department
John Smick
Dan Wildermoth
Toni Wilson