Trojan Women

Directed by Jill Sullivan-Bennin
May 2009

“an intense theater experience… a passionate lament.”
Julie Jensen, Dispatch-Argus

“…an altogether exhilarating piece of theatre. Fiercely acted and fearlessly staged.”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“emotional, powerful…”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

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Dee Canfield in Trojan Women
Dee Canfield in Trojan Women
Stephanie Moeller in Trojan Women
Stephanie Moeller in Trojan Women
Scot Gehret in Trojan Women
Scot Gehret in Trojan Women
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John Turner
Poseidon, god of the sea

Jeremy Mahr
Menelaus, King of Sparta, husband of Helen

Gary Adkins
Billy Marquess
Aaron E. Sullivan

Stephanie Moeller
Cassandra, oracular priestess of Apollo, Hecuba’s daughter

Alaina Pascarella (choragus)
Nichole Adkins (chorus)
Kim Gackle (chorus)
Kylie Jansen (chorus)
Beth Woolley (chorus)
Becky Wren (chorus)
The Trojan Women

Amy Ferrar
Andromache, wife of Hector (Hecuba’s son), mother to Astyanax

Samuel Javaherian
Astyanax, son of Andromache and Hector, grandson of Hecuba

Dee Canfield
Hecuba, Queen of Troy

Anne Javaherian
Athena, goddess of war

Scot Gehret
Talthybius, messenger from the Greeks

Stephanie Burrough
Helen, wife of Menelaus, “wife” of Paris (Hecuba’s son)


Director: Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Assistant Director: Jake Walker and The Cast
Artistic Associates: Cait Bodenbender, Andy Koski, JC Luxton
Chorus Master: Linnea Ridolfi
Fight Choreographer: Aaron Sullivan
Scenic Design: Cait Bodenbender, Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Lighting Design: Cait Bodenbender, Jen Kingry, Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Costume Design: Cait Bodenbender, Anne Javaherian
Technical Director: Daniel Gildersleeve
Lighting Master: Jen Kingry
Costume Master: Anne Javaherian
Weapons and Special Effects Master: Aaron Sullivan
Construction Assistants: Andy Lord, Aaron Sullivan, Scot Gehret, Becky Wren, Stephanie Moeller
Lighting Assistant: Andy Lord
Costume Construction: Becky Wren

Special Thanks

Frank and Maureen Woolley
Angie Wilson / Rescue Studio
Denise Yoder
Andy Lord
Northlight Scenic Shop
New Ground Theatre
Richmond Hill Players
Don and Suezanne Burrough