Troilus and Cressida

Directed by Maggie Woolley
March 2010

“…a cast of committed actors who seem to hold nothing back either physically or emotionally… every actor deserves accolades.”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

“The Prenzie Players… have no trouble creating characters the audience can’t help but invest themselves in, despite their dirty deeds.”
Stephanie De Pasquale, Quad-City Times

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(Photo Credits: John Turner)

A tale of love, war, and betrayal, Troilus and Cressida is one of Shakespeare’s most controversial plays. It whips between bawdy comedy and gritty tragedy in a dark exploration of the classic heroes of the Iliad.

For more information, see also this preview article from the Quad-City Times (David Burke).


Personages of Renown

Steve Quartell

Patrick Flaherty

Matt Moody

Stephanie Burrough


David Furness

Matt Moody

Cole McFarren

Brianne Kinney

Other Prenzie Players

Denise Yoder
Pandarus, aunt to Cressida
An Anonymous Myrmidon

Beth Woolley
Aeneas, a Trojan herald
Andromache, wife to Hector
An Anonymous Trojan partygoer

Brianne Kinney
Alexandra, friend to Cressida
An Anonymous Myrmidon
An Anonymous Trojan partygoer

Michael King
Diomedes, King of Argos
An Anonymous Myrmidon

J.C. Luxton
Ulysses, Prince of Ithaca
An Anonymous Myrmidon
An Anonymous Trojan partygoer

Matt Moody

Stephanie Burrough
Thersites, camp whore

Cole McFarren
Patroclus, love to Achilles

Matt Mercer
Ajax, King of Salamis
Calchas, seer, father to Cressida
An Anonymous Myrmidon

Steve Quartell
An Anonymous Trojan partygoer

And introducing
Andy Koski as
Troilus, Prince of Troy

Jaci Entwhistle as
Cressida, neice to Pandarus &
An Anonymous Myrmidon

Production Staff

Direction: Maggie Woolley & THE CAST
Assistant Direction: Andy Lord
Stage Manager: Jessica Reimer
Fight Choreographer: Aaron Sullivan
Props: Jessica Reimer and Alaina Pascarella
Costume Design: Beth Woolley, Cait Bodenbender
Costume Construction: Kate Farence
Scenic Design: Maggie Woolley, Cait Bodenbender
Lighting Design: Jennifer Kingry
Production Coordinator: Jeremy Mahr
Production Crew: The Cast, The Production Team, Brian Reimer, Jane Koski, Karl and Josef Bodenbender, Sandra Ridolfi, Charlie Saddoris, Ashley Crow
Technical Consultant: Dan Gildersleeve
Producer: Cait Bodenbender

Special Thanks

St. Ambrose University
The Curtainbox Theatre Company
Richmond Hill Players
Renaissance Rock Island
Bruce Carter
Ben Crabb
Stephanie Moeller
Frank and Maureen Woolley
Melissa Coulter
The District of Rock Island
Holiday Inn Rock Island
Comedy Sportz
Quad City Botanical Center
Blue Cat Brew Pub