Timon of Athens

Directed by Jake Walker
Featuring Matt Moody as Timon
September 2015

“A roaring success… Matt Moody is uniformly excellent…”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

“Rich with emotional truth… shocking…”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

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Timon - promo pic

“On what I hate, I feed not.”

Wealthy Timon gives money hand over fist to his flattering friends. When his money runs out, his “friends” refuse to come to his aid. The twisted path Timon treads in response to this betrayal makes TIMON OF ATHENS of one Shakespeare’s darkest tales.

Timon's Table
Photo Credit: Nicole Steinbaugh

With this production of Timon, the company’s plans to complete the entire Shakespeare canon within the next few years were unveiled. See the preview articles in the Quad-City Times (David Burke) and the Dispatch-Argus (Jonathan Turner) for coverage of this “quest,” this “titanic task.”

Michael Carron as Apemantus
Photo Credit: Kevin Richard Schafer
Jeb Makula in Timon
Photo Credit: Kevin Richard Schafer
Jesse Mohr in Timon
Photo Credit: Kevin Richard Schafer
Ali Knollenberg in Timon
Photo Credit: Kevin Richard Schafer
Matt Moody as Timon
Photo Credit: Kevin Richard Schafer

The Cast

Daniel Logan
and a soldier

Luke Vermeire
Lucius’ guard,
and a soldier

Matt Moody

Kara Widel
a messenger,
Varro’s servant,
an officer,
and a soldier

Austin Stone
an old Athenian,
and a soldier

David A. Lane
Senator of Athens,
and Sempronius’s servant

Michael Carron
and a soldier

Jesse Mohr
a bandit,
and a soldier

Andy Koski

Jeb Makula
and a soldier

Payton Prasher
a bandit,
and a soldier

Ali Knollenberg
Senator of Athens,
and Lucius’ guard

Mischa Hooker
and a soldier

Lauren Moody
Senator of Athens,
a servant,
and a bandit

The Crew

Director: Jake Walker
Assistant Director: Kitty Israel
Stage Manager: Nikki Steinbaugh
Producer: Beth Woolley
Costume Designer: Kate Farence
Light Designer: Tyson Danner
Sound Designer: Elizabeth Spoerl
Set Designer: Aaron E. Sullivan
Fight Choreography: Aaron E. Sullivan
Verse Assistant: Jeremy Mahr
Sound Operator: Kitty Israel
Set Painting: Angela Rathman
Set Construction: Aaron E. Sullivan, Dan Logan, Mischa Hooker, Mike Carron, Andy Koski, Luke Vermeire, Ali Knollenberg, Kitty Israel, Kara Widel, Jesse Mohr, Jake Walker
“Timon” Painting by Aimee Ford

Special Thanks

Cait Bodenbender
Maggie Woolley
Kristin Koski
Chris Sanders-Ring
QC Theatre Workshop
John Turner
Stephanie Burrough
Cole McFarren
Kevin Schaefer
Jeremy Mahr
Aaron E. Sullivan
Victoria House
Margaret Walker
Byron Walker