The Tempest

Directed by Cait Bodenbender
November 2004

In the RIHA Building

“Impressive ‘Tempest’… there’s not a single performer whose portrayal is not worthy of this first-rate production.”
Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

“Quirky and contemporary… a unique theater experience.”
Julie Jensen, Dispatch-Argus

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Press Release

The Prenzie Players will be presenting a production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest on November 19, 20 & 21 at 2127 3rd Ave., Rock Island, Illinois (in the Rock Island Housing Authority Building) … This production will be directed by Cait Bodenbender, whose production of Hamlet last year was chosen by Ruby Nancy as Best Play of 2003 …

The Prenzie Players are an innovative, guerilla-theatre troupe of passionate actors whose mission is to present serious Shakespeare using only bare-bones staging and production, but with meticulous attention to language, speed and feeling. We improvise, we break the fourth wall, we take no prisoners, and we promise anyone who attends won’t forget our show, ever. Our performers hail from Comedy Sportz, Genesius Guild, Playcrafters, Richmond Hill, the University of Iowa and Augustana, and bring in the zany energies and talents of all those groups, as well as others. What we all share is a devotion to bringing Shakespeare wild, alive, and breathing, to the Quad Cities.

Aaron Sullivan and Stephanie Burrough in The Tempest
Aaron Sullivan and Stephanie Burrough in The Tempest

For more information, see also the preview article from the River Cities’ Reader (Eileen Eitrheim).


Tempest program

The Cast

Denise Yoder
Alonza, Queen of Naples

Andrew J. Koski
Antonio, Duke of Milan, brother to Prospero

John Turner
Gonzalo, an old councilor

Bryan Woods
Sebastian, brother to Alonza

Andy Lord
A Mariner of the Queen’s Flagship
Stephano, a butler

Angela Rathman
A Mariner of the Queen’s Flagship
Trincula, a jester

Maggie Woolley
Miranda, daughter to Prospero

J.C. Luxton
Prospero, the right Duke of Milan

Stephanie Burrough
Ariel, an Airy Spirit

Aaron Sullivan
Caliban, a savage and deformed slave

Beau Smith
Ferdinand, son to the Queen of Naples

Merideth Nepstad
Adria, Officer of the Queen’s Guard

Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Francisca, Officer of the Queen’s Guard

And Introducing
Mac Parker
The Bosun of the Queen’s Flagship
A Spirit in Ariel’s Quality

Direction: Cait Bodenbender & The Cast
Assistant Direction: Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Master Carpenter: Aaron Sullivan
Costume Design Master: Cait Bodenbender
Master Seamstress: Denise Yoder
Additional Sewing: Angela Rathman
Fight Master: Aaron Sullivan
Music Master: Cait Bodenbender
Master Technicians: Bryan Woods, Andrew Lord

Special Thanks

Dan Carmody
Larry Lord
Sherry & John Luxton
John Smick
Frank Woolley
Brett Yoder
Ducky’s Formal Wear
Rock Island Housing Authority