By Molière
(Ranjit Bolt translation)
Directed by Jeremy Mahr
December 2011

“…one of my all-time favorite Prenzie efforts.”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

“…entertaining for 21st-century audiences without showing its age one bit.”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

“…a gender-bending lark.”
Julie Jensen, Dispatch-Argus

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The wealthy merchant Orgon has naively become the benefactor of the religious zealot Tartuffe. Orgon’s household is convinced that Tartuffe is a phony and has swindled the merchant. So completely, that Tartuffe may end up driving out the son, marrying the daughter, seducing the wife, and imprisoning Orgon himself.

Stephanie Moeller in Tartuffe
Stephanie Moeller in Tartuffe
Jeb Makula in Tartuffe
Jeb Makula in Tartuffe
Denise Yoder and Kitty Israel
Denise Yoder and Kitty Israel

The Cast

Jeb Makula
Orgon, a merchant

Stephanie Moeller
Mariane, his daughter

Brianne Kinney
Damis, his son

Kitty Israel
Elmire, his wife

James Driscoll
Cleante, his brother in law

Andy Curtiss
Madame Pernelle, his mother
Valere, betrothed to Mariane

Jessica Sheridan
Dorine, their maid

Angela Rathman
Flipote, maid to Madame Pernelle
Laurent, acolyte of Tartuffe,
Monsieur Loyal, a bailiff
An Officer, of the court

Denise Yoder

Production Staff

Director: Jeremy Mahr
Asst Director: Catie Osborn
Stage / House Manager: Catie Osborn
Mentors: Aaron Sullivan, Jake Walker, JC Luxton, Andy Koski and Stephanie Burrough
Fight Masters: Denise Yoder and Aaron Sullivan
Producer: JC Luxton
Production Coordinator: Matt Moody
Production Crew: Jake Walker, Aaron Sullivan, Dan Sheridan, Catie Osborn, Jeremy Mahr, and The Cast
Costume Design: Catie Osborn
Props Masters: Catie Osborn and Jeremy Mahr
Theater / Scenic Design: Matt Moody, Catie Osborn and Jeremy Mahr
Marketing Director: Denise Yoder
Promotional Video Director / Editor: Jeremy Mahr
Poster Design, Program Image: Brad Ellis of Orange Guy, Inc.
Program Design: Jeremy Mahr