The Taming of the Shrew

Directed by Jeremy Mahr
March 2008

“…the best time I’ve had at an area show in all of 2008. And, quite possibly, in all of 2007. And 2006… truly staggering.”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“Prenzie has taken this ‘great big disco ball of a play,’ as one cast member called it… and made it sparkle.”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

“The sheer number of… fine performances make it impossible for a single review to do them all justice.”
-Ruby Nancy

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Taming of the Shrew

The Temple Tap


Prenzie Players

Andy Koski
Lucentio, a gentleman of Pisa, suitor to Bianca
Phillip, servingman of Petruchio

Denise Yoder
Tranio, personal servant to Lucentio
Joseph, servingman of Petruchio

Kim Franck
Biondello, second servant to Lucentio
Peter, servingman of Petruchio

Maggie Woolley
Bianca, younger daughter of Baptista
Curtis, servingman of Petruchio

Beth Woolley
Katherina, elder daughter of Baptista

Jaci Entwhistle (The Hostess)
Baptista Minola, a rich citizen of Padua
Nathaniel, servingman of Petruchio

Bryan Woods
Hortensio, a gentleman of Padua, suitor to Bianca
Gregory, servingman of Petruchio

Jake Walker
Gremio, rich old citizen of Padua, suitor to Bianca
A Tailor

JC Luxton
Grumio, personal servant of Petruchio
An Officer

Chris Moore
Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor to Katherina

Dustin Oliver
A Widow

Christopher Sly (Eddie Staver III)
A Pedant

And Introducing
Lord John Turner, Patron of the Arts, Celebrity, and Superstar as
Vincentio, rich citizen of Pisa, father of Lucentio

Director: Jeremy Mahr
Ably Assisted by: Stephanie Burrough, Jill Sullivan-Bennin & THE CAST
Artistic Associate: Cait Bodenbender
Costume Master: Jeremy Mahr
Costume Crew: Cait Bodenbender & Denise Yoder
Master of Properties: Andy Koski
Master of Lights: Jennifer Kingry
Master of Pummels & Grapples: Denise Yoder
Production Master: Matt Moody
Publicity Master: Denise Yoder
Publicity Crew: Jeff De Leon & Tracy Skaggs
Stage Masters: Dustin Oliver & Bryan Woods