Shakespeare For A Cause

But what exactly is a “Drink Through”?

A Drink Through is a read-through of a play, except with cakes & ale. Each month we’ll gather, relax, read a great play aloud, & then adjourn until next time.

—Bring a beverage, if you like.

—Bring a snack to share or hoard, as you desire.

—Bring a copy of the play, if you got one (we’ll have some on hand.)

The moderator will assign who plays what, and that will change every scene.  Roles will be cast without regard to gender, race, age, or suitability for the part in question.  The one goal is fun.  No acting experience needed.  No performances criticized.  No mispronunciations corrected.  No grades given.
All are welcome.  Come if you love Shakespeare.  Come if you love Prenzie.  Come if you long to speak a speech.  Come shy or bold, young or old.
A suggested donation is $5 with proceeds going to area charities.


Prenzie Players, held their first Drink-Through December 11, 2012 in cooperation with Midwest Writing Center of King Edward III, possibly/maybe a collaboration of Thomas Kyd and William Shakespeare. It was held at the Bucktown Center for the Arts in Davenport, IA. All of the proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity of the Quad Cities.

 This little-known play (a prequel to King Richard the Second) is the tale of King Edward the Third’s forbidden love for the Countess of Salisbury, and of his great victories against the arrogant French, and of the prowess and promise of his famous son, Edward the Black Prince.  Published anonymously, banned shortly after its first production for stinging slights against the Scots, and not included in the Folio of Shakespeare’s collected works, Edward III has only been accepted as an authentic Shakespearean work in the last two decades.

Authentic Bard or Totally Bogus? You decide.