The Merchant of Venice

Directed by Cait Bodenbender
October 2008

“Aaron Sullivan… is devastatingly intimidating and menacing without making a big deal of it”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“…makes Shakespeare relevant today.”
Stephanie de Pasquale, Quad-City Times

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Jaci Entwhistle as Nerissa
Jaci Entwhistle and Maggie Woolley
Maggie Woolley as Portia


Merchant program

Prenzie Players

Andy Koski
Antonio, a merchant of Venice

Stephanie Moeller
Salarina, friend to Antonio

Anne Javaherian
Solania, friend to Antonio

J. C. Luxton
Bassanio, suitor to Portia

Matt Moody
Gratiano, friend to Antonio

Andy Lord
Lorenzo, servant to Bassanio

Maggie Woolley
Portia, rich heiress of Belmont

Jaci Entwisle
Nerissa, lady in waiting to Portia

Angela Rathman
Julia, secretary to Portia
Guenevere Gobbo, a servant to Shylock

Aaron Sullivan
Shylock, a rich Jew and moneylender

James Palagi
Prince of Morocco, suitor to Portia
Balthazar, servant to Portia
Duke of Venice

Anthony Anderson
Old Gobbo, father to Guenevere
Prince of Arragon, suitor to Portia
Tubal, a Jew
Stephano, servant to Portia

Beth Woolley
Jessica, daughter to Shylock

Direction: Cait Bodenbender
Assistant Direction: Jeremy Mahr & THE CAST
Costume Master: Anne Javaherian
Lighting Master: Jaci Entwisle
Production Master: Cait Bodenbender
Music Master: Karl Bodenbender
Publicity Master: Denise Yoder
Graphics Crew: Jeff DeLeon, Terry & Tracy Skaggs
Technical Director: Jaci Entwisle