Directed by Aaron Sullivan-Bennin
April 2005

At Marycrest College

“Intense… this ‘Macbeth’ is must-see Shakespeare.”
Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

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J.C. Luxton as MacbethJ.C. Luxton et al. in Macbeth

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Macbeth program

The Cast

Paula Grady
The First Witch
The Porter at Castle Inverness
The First Murderer
The Doctor at Castle Dunsinane

Stephanie Burrough
The Second Witch
The Second Murderer
Young Siward, son to the Earl of Northumberland

Carrie Clark
The Third Witch
Seyton, an Officer at Castle Dunsinane
Young Macduff, daughter to the Thane of Fife

Peggy Freeman
The Thane of Angus
Lady Macduff

Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Duncan, Queen of Scotland
Fleance, son to the Thane of Lochquhaber
A Gentlewoman at Castle Dunsinane

Bryan Woods
Malcolm, son to the Queen of Scotland

Tracy Skaggs
The Thane of Ross

J.C. Luxton
Macbeth, Thane of Glamis

Andy Lord
Banquo, Thane of Lochquhaber
Siward, Earl of Northumberland

Denise Yoder
Lady Macbeth

Dan Kuhn
Macduff, Thane of Fife

And Introducing
Lance Hanson
The Thane of Lennox

Direction: Aaron Sullivan & THE CAST
Assistant Direction: Angela Rathman, Mac Parker, Stephanie Burrough
Costumes & Sewing: Peggy Freeman, Denise Yoder
Fight Master: Aaron Sullivan
Artistic Associate: Cait Bodenbender
Invaluable Assistance: ANNIE

Special Thanks

Comedy Sportz
Ducky’s Formal Wear
Sarah Jane & Ron Fellin
Sherry & John Luxton
Signature Management
John Smick