Love’s Labour’s Lost

Directed by Cait Bodenbender
AD Kate Farence
January 2016

“Bodenbender and her team… make it look effortless… a fantastic contemporary approach to the Bard.”
Jeff Ashcraft, River Cities’ Reader

“Lively comedy… done impeccably well”
Wenonah Allen, Dispatch-Argus

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Love's Labour's Lost Promo picNavarre’s king and his loyal bookmen are sworn to three years of distraction-free scholarly solidarity: light meals, minimal rest, and absolutely *no girls allowed.* Oh, the poor king…he’s forgotten one thing: the impending arrival of the wise and winsome princess of France, who comes with an entire entourage of facile, fetching friends. What sorts of shenanigans could possibly ensue?

Love's Labour's Lost Ladies
Love’s Labour’s Lost Ladies
The Four Bachelors.
The Four Bachelors. Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr
The Princess Squad. Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr
The Princess Squad. Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr

Sir Nathaniel, Holofernes, Don Armado
Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr

For more information, see also the preview article from the Dispatch-Argus (Jonathan Turner).


The Cast
The Court Navarre

Mike Schulz

Jarrod DeRooi
Ferdinand, the King of Navarre

Andy Curtiss

Nathan Klaus

Cole McFarren
Costard, a swain

Cara Taylor
Jaquenetta, a country maiden

Jeremy Mahr
Don Adriano de Armado

Justin Grubbs
Moth, a stewart

Jesse Mohr
Anthony Dull, a man of the law
Mercáde, a messenger

Mischa Hooker
Magister Holofernes, the pedant

Tracy Skaggs
Sir Nathaniel, the curate

The Embassy from France

Stephanie Burrough
The Princess

Sarah Wallace

Maggie Woolley

Denise Yoder

Jake Walker

Other Ladies Attending the Princess
Kitty Israel
Alaina Pascarella
Chris Sanders-Ring
Jo Vasquez
Kara Widel
Elle Winchester

The Crew

Director: Cait Bodenbender
Assistant Director: Kate Farence


Design: Cait Bodenbender
Artists: Angela RathmanTreehouse, Carolyn KruegerMurals
Engineers: Jarrod DeRooi, Andy Lord, Matt Moody, Chris Sambdman, Frank Woolley, Becky Wren
Construction: Stephanie Burrough, Cole McFarren, Elle Winchester, Beth Woolley, Maggie Woolley, Maureen Woolley


Design: Cait Bodenbender
Crew: Kate Farence & The Cast


Lighting Design: Tyson Danner
Sound Design: Elizabeth Spoerl
Light & Sound Operator: Payton Brasher

Fight Choreography

Aaron Sullivan