Life’s A Dream

By Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Directed by JC Luxton
May 2008

“Life’s a Dream shouldn’t be missed. It’s dazzlingly interpreted and technically adventurous…”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“Daring ‘Dream’… In arts terms, ‘Dream’ takes place in found space, and the Prenzies found some very bizarre spaces to use…”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

“Although he leaps and crawls everywhere in his chains, [Sigismund] manages to preserve his modesty.”
Julie Jensen, Dispatch-Argus

“Despite efforts to approach the show with an open mind as a reviewer, I dreaded the prospect of being pulled into the show and shuffled from room to room. Yet, I walked away with a bright smile on my face, having enjoyed, yet again, another non-passive Prenzie Players performance.”
Thom White, WQAD

“…fine entertainment like nothing else you will see this year.”
Ruby Nancy

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Eddie Staver as Sigismund

Eddie Staver as Sigismund
Eddie Staver as Sigismund

For more information, see also the long preview article from the River Cities’ Reader (Mike Schulz).


Prenzie Players

Maggie Woolley
Rossaura, a traveler

Jeff De Leon
Bugle, a servant

Eddie Staver III
Sigismund, a prisoner

Jeremy Mahr
Clothold, Chamberlain of Poland

Andy Koski
Aistulf, Duke of Muscovy

Kristin Skaggs
Stella, Princess of Poland

Tracy Skaggs
Vasily, King of Poland

And Introducing

Denise Yoder
Capt. Doloreta

Stephanie Moeller
Pvt. Cecylia & Grand Marshal Czeslawa

Dustin Oliver
1st Lt. Dominik

Jaci Entwhistle
2nd Lt. Jozefina

Daniel Gildersleeve
Sgt. Baltazar

Amanda Johnson
Pfc. Antonia

Direction: J.C. Luxton
Assistant Direction: Dee Canfield & THE CAST
Ensemble & Improv Master: Stephanie Burrough
Beast Master: Jake Walker
Costume Master: Cait Bodenbender
Costume Crew: Denise Yoder
Lighting Master: Jennifer Kingry
Movement Master: Liz Millea
Production Master: Jaci Entwhistle
Publicity Master: Denise Yoder
Graphics Crew: Jeff De Leon, Terry & Tracy Skaggs
Master of Pummels & Grapples: Denise Yoder
Sound Master: Terry Skaggs
Stage Master: Amanda Johnson
Sword Master: Aaron E. Sullivan
Technical Director: Daniel Gildersleeve