Directed by J. C. Luxton
April 2014

“…my new favorite presentation of the King Lear material.”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

“The volcanic fury unleashed by the incomparable Cait Bodenbender…”
Jonathan Turner, Dispatch-Argus

…the mother of all changes…”
David Burke, Quad-City Times (preview)

“Prenzie’s gender-bending works for ‘Lear’…”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

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Catherine Bodenbender as Lear
One of the “Big Five Shakespearean Tragedies,” Lear tells the tale of an aging monarch who gives up her throne and splits it among her three children, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. When Cordelia refuses to flatter Lear, Cordelia is banished. As time goes on, Lear begins to realize that she has banished the wrong child, as Regan and Goneril’s greed and lust for power begin to tear Lear’s world apart.

For more information, see also the preview article from the Dispatch-Argus (Jonathan Turner).
Jen Brown and Stephanie Burrough in Lear
Lear Postcard
Sarah Ade Wallace and Maggie Woolley in Lear


Poster for Lear


Lear Program

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

Jay Rakus
Poor Tom
Sir Baldad, knight of Queen’s Guard
Duke Haerviu of Burgundy
Curan, a servant
Leonatus, a British captain
An anonymous French soldier

Stephanie Burrough
Edmund, bastard daughter to Gloucester

Andrew Bruning
Fool to Queen Lear
Prince Cordelia, son of Queen Lear

Maggie Woolley
Edgar, legitimate daughter to Gloucester

Dani Helmich
Dame Glamorgan, knight of Queen’s Guard
Pyrocles, servant to Cornwall
An anonymous French Doctor
An anonymous British Herald

Diane Emmert
Dame Morgan, knight of Queen’s Guard
Queen Aganippe of France
Plexirtus, servant to Cornwall
An anonymous French soldier

Kate Farence
Dame Cundah, knight of Queen’s Guard
Princess Genovefa of Burgundy
Musidorus, servant to Cornwall

Denise Yoder
Perillus, the Countess of Kent

Jen Brown
Edern, the Countess of Gloucester

Cait Bodenbender
Queen Lear of Britain

Cole McFarren
Prince Goneril, son of Queen Lear

Jarrod DeRooi
Prince Regan, son of Queen Lear

Sarah Wallace
Oswald, handmaid to Albany

Ivy Shoultz
Duchess Maglan of Albany, wife of Goneril

Beth Woolley
Duchess Hinnine of Cornwall, wife of Regan
An anonymous French soldier & British trumpeter

Special Appearance by
Priscilla Cage

Production Crew

Direction: JC Luxton and THE CAST
Assistant Direction: Alaina Pascarella, Aaron E. Sullivan
Artistic Associates: Andrew Koski, Jeremy Mahr
Costume Design: Kate Farence
Costume Construction: Elizabeth Spoerl, Jarrod DeRooi
Armor Construction: Aaron E. Sullivan
Fight Choreography: Aaron E. Sullivan
Lighting Design: Tyson Danner
Lighting Engineer: Bowen Sanders
Property Master: Alaina Pascarella
Publicity: Denise Yoder
Graphic Design: Catie Osborn
Set Design: Matt Moody
Master Builder: Allen Holloway
Sound Design: Elizabeth Spoerl
Sound Engineer: Austin Davidson
Stage Manager: Chris Sanders-Ring