Henry V

Directed by JC Luxton (etc.)
May 2007

“The Prenzie Players have a show that is totally fantastic — fantastic acting from a terrific cast, fantastic costuming that does a terrific job of showing character associations through the strategic use of color, and a command of languages and song that enhance the script in terrifically inventive ways.”
Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

“So thank you, Prenzies, for King Henry the Fifth, and thank you for The Henriad. Including the works’ introductory half-hours, the whole of the series clocked in at roughly nine-and-a-half hours, and they were – easily – among the most enjoyable hours of theatre I’ve ever experienced.”
Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

“…a knock-’em-down, drag-’em-out theatrical entertainment.”
Julie Jensen, Dispatch-Argus

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Henriad - the crown

River Cities’ Reader, Best Moments of 2007:

“Dona Nobis Pacem,” King Henry the Fifth. As if the Prenzie Players hadn’t already provided enough marvels in their trio of Henry plays, they saved the most surprising and overwhelming touch for part three, when Cait Bodenbender’s Chorus figure began singing this benediction to the dead soldiers around her, who slowly stood up, grasped hands, and began to sing along. And then, Brian Nelson – who portrayed Falstaff in King Henry the Fourth – stepped out from the wings, joined in with that gorgeously moving baritone of his, and escorted his fallen brothers to heaven. Honest to God, I’m welling up just thinking about it.

Henry V

For more information on The Henriad, its inception and overall plan (“…an enormously ambitious undertaking, one rarely attempted in this country, yet the Prenzie Players are not ones to shy away from a challenge…”), see the preview article in the River Cities’ Reader (Mike Schulz).

Henry V - DeathHenry V - Pistol et alHenry V - swordplay


Prenzie Players

Cait Bodenbender
Chorus, often disguised as
An Anonymous Clergyman
Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy
Gower, an English Captain
Sir Thomas Erpingham, an English Knight

Stephanie Burrough
Richard the Second, King of England, deceased
Montjoy, the French Herald
Mistress Nell Quickly, wife to Pistol, owner of the Boarshead Tavern
Catherine, Princess of France, sister to Louis, daughter to Charles and Isabel

Linnea Ridolfi
Edward, Duke of York (formerly Aumerle), lover to Michael, Earl of Suffolk, former favorite of King Richard
Alice, Catherine’s lady-in-waiting
Alexander Court, a common English soldier

Jennifer Kingry
Henry Chichele, Archbishop of Canterbury
Charles the Sixth, King of France, father to Louis and Catherine
An Anonymous English Soldier
Monsieur Le Fer, a French Gentleman soldier

Jessica Armentrout
The Bishop of Ely
Isabel, Queen of France, wife to Charles, mother to Louis and Catherine
Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, lover to Edward, Duke of York

Chris Moore
Corporal Nim, a follower of Falstaff, former wooer of Nell Quickly
Louis, Dauphin of France, brother to Catherine, son to Charles and Isabel

Jeff De Leon
Henry the Fifth, King of England, formerly Prince Harry of Monmouth

Matt Moody
Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, uncle to King Henry

Bryan Woods
Ralph, Earl of Westmorland
Pistol, a follower of Falstaff, husband to Nell

Jill Sullivan-Bennin
Prince John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford, brother to King Henry and Thomas
Charles d’Albret, Constable of France
John Bates, a common English soldier

Melanie Radkiewicz
Prince Thomas, Duke of Clarence, brother to King Henry and John
Peto, Falstaff’s page

Beth Woolley
An Anonymous Interpreter
Charles of Valois, Duke of Orléans
The Governor of Harfleur

Maggie Woolley
Lieutenant Bardolph, a follower of Falstaff
Michael Williams, a common English soldier

Denise Yoder as
Fluellen, a Welsh Captain

Special Appearance by
Brian Nelson

Josef Bodenbender
The Infant of Harfleur
Henry the Sixth, King of England

Direction: J.C. Luxton, Jeremy Mahr, Tracy Skaggs, & THE CAST
Artistic Associate: Aaron E. Sullivan
Costume Master: Cait Bodenbender
Costume Crew: Mary Jean Sedlock, Denise Yoder, Matt Moody
French Master: Nadine Larson
Master of Lights: Jennifer Kingry
Master of Mêlées & Mayhem: Aaron E. Sullivan
Master of Pummels & Grapples: Denise Yoder
Production Master: Jeremy Mahr
Production Crew: Jeremy Mahr, Aaron E. Sullivan
Publicity Master: Denise Yoder
Publicity Crew: Jeff De Leon, Terry Skaggs & Tracy Skaggs
Stage Master: Bryan Woods