Directed by Cait Woolley
October-November 2003

In the RIHA Building

“…this slick, intense production plays up the spooky aspects of the famous drama without losing the script’s integrity… A must-see show.”
Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

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Our second season, 2003-2004, opened on Halloween night with Hamlet and continued in the spring of ’04 with Cymbeline. Hamlet was our first performance at the Rock Island Housing Authority building. Basically a small, concrete floored room with windows on one wall and drywall on the other. It was just a half-block east of our first location and served us well for several shows.

Hamlet was directed by Cait Woolley with fight choreography by Aaron Sullivan.

Quad-City Times, Best Theater of 2003:

1. This top slot goes to the haunting, even stunning “Hamlet,” a slick, intense show from The Prenzie Players, the scrappy upstart of a theater group that uses found space and non-“fourth wall” staging to fantastic advantage in its productions of classical works. With just two shows to show for their efforts so far, the Prenzie Players prove to be a group to watch.

The Cast

Denise Yoder
Francisca, a soldier
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark

Jill Sullivan-Bennin
 Barnarda, a soldier
Cornelius, an ambassador
Rosencrantz, a courtier
a nameless rustic

Tracy Skaggs
 Horatio, a student

Beau Smith
 Marcellus, a soldier
Voltemand, an ambassador
Guildenstern, a courtier
Beau Smith
a nameless sexton

Aaron Sullivan
 Hamlet, King of Denmark
Claudius, King of Denmark

John Turner
Polonius, councillor to the King
a nameless gentleman
a nameless priest

Bryan Woods
Laertes, son of Polonius

J.C. Luxton
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

TeAnna Mirfield
Ophelia, daughter of Polonius
Osric, a foppish courtier

Cait Woolley
a nameless Norwegian captain

And Introducing…
Andrew J. Koski
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway