Doctor Faustus

Directed by Jake Walker
July 2014

“…equal measures of laughter and fodder for nightmares.”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

“Chills ran up my spine, goosebumps rose along my legs and arms, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up multiple times… a thrilling production.”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

“…intense and passionately performed.”
Jonathan Turner, Dispatch-Argus

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In his quest to get everything he’s ever wanted, one man pays the ultimate price; his soul. As he experiences the greatest pleasures a man can be afforded, he must also confront the darkest areas of humanity, and well as the constant threat of hell itself. This production combines the two most famous tellings of the story. Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus has been combined with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust to present an all new take on the tale.

For more information, see also the preview article from the Quad-City Times (David Burke).

Faustus Picture: Denise Yoder and others

This project is supported with Quad City Arts Dollar$ funds, provided by Hubbell-Waterman Foundation, the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, the Doris and Victor Day Foundation, and Deere & Company.

Faustus picture: Aaron Sullivan and John Turner

On the radio!!

Thursday, July 3rd at 7pm on WVIK 90.3 FM, Augustana Public Radio, is “Art Talks” with Bruce Carter. Director Jake Walker, and cast members Aaron Sullivan (Faustus), Kitty Israel (Mephistopheles) and Stephanie Moeller (Gretchen) discuss our production of Doctor Faustus with Bruce Carter. Listen to the archived show.

Faustus Picture: Kitty Israel


Faustus program

The Cast

(In Speaking Appearance)

Chase Suchy
Chorus & Baliol, a Devil & an anonymous Friar

Aaron E. Sullivan
John Faustus, a Doctor

Denise Yoder
Wagner, servant to Faustus, Wrath, a Deadly Sin, Carolus, Emperor of Germany, An anonymous Devil, An anonymous Townsperson, An anonymous Friar

Jessica White
A Good Angel
An anonymous Scholar, Envy, a Deadly Sin, Benvolio, a Knight, An anonymous Devil, An anonymous Townsperson

Virginia Atwell
An Evil Angel, Lechery, a Deadly Sin, An anonymous Hostess, Paramour to Alexander, An anonymous Devil

Molly Wilkinson
Valdes a Magician, Lucifer, a Devil, An anonymous Horse Courser, Bruno, the German Pope, An anonymous Devil

Jeremy Mahr
Cornelius, a Magician, Gluttony, a Deadly Sin, An anonymous Carter, Pope Adrian, Frederick, a Knight, An anonymous Devil

Payton Brasher
An anonymous Soldier, Pride, a Deadly Sin, Valentine, Brother to Gretchen, Nan Spit, a Kitchen Maid, An anonymous Friar, An anonymous Devil

Kitty Israel
Mephistophilis, a Devil

Nathan Klaus
Robin, servant to Faustus, Cardinal ef Padua, An anonymous Devil

Victoria House
Beelzebub, a Devil, Cardinal of France, Martino, a Knight, An anonymous Townsperson

Lauren Moody
Covetousness, a Deadly Sin, Belcher, a Devil, An anonymous Townsperson, An anonymous Guard

James Palagi
Sloth, a Deadly Sin, Dick, servant to Faustus, Raymond, King of Hungary, Alexander the Great, An anonymous Peddler, An anonymous Devil

Stephanie Moeller
Gretchen, a Maiden ef Wittenberg, An anonymous Friar, An anonymous Devil

John Turner
Friar Sandelo, An anonymous Old Man

The Creative Team

Director: Jake Walker
Assisted by Matt Moody and THE CAST
Stage Manager: Chris Sanders-Ring
Build Master: Andy Lord
Light Design: Tyson Danner
Sound Design: Elizabeth Spoerl
Fight Master: Jarrod DeRooi
Dance Choreography: Victoria House
Light Operation: Nicole Steinbaugh
Sound Operation: Austin Davidson
Set Construction: Virginia Atwell, Payton Brasher, Allen Holloway,
Victoria House, Kitty Israel, Stephanie Moeller, Gary Moody, Matt Moody, Lauren Moody, James Palagi, Evan Robinson, Chase Suchy, Aaron Sullivan, Alex Steffen, Luke Vermeire, Jake Walker, Molly Wilkinson