Cyrano de Bergerac

By Edmund Rostand
Translated and Adapted by Anthony Burgess
Directed by Aaron Sullivan

“Skaggs left me wondering if any other actor could portray Cyrano quite as well.”
Thom White, River Cities’ Reader

“…the Prenzies fully stake their claim of bringing 21st-century intensity and fun to classic works.”
David Burke, Quad-City Times

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Tracy Skaggs in Cyrano
Tracy Skaggs in Cyrano
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Tracy Skaggs and Maggie Woolley
Tracy Skaggs and Maggie Woolley
Maggie Woolley and Tracy Skaggs
Maggie Woolley and Tracy Skaggs
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For more information, see also this preview article from the Dispatch-Argus (Jonathan Turner).



Jarrod DeRooi
Citizen / Musketeer

Kim Gackle
Duenna / Sister Martha

Scot Gehret
1st Marquis / Renaudot

Sam Gruette
Pickpocket / 4th Cadet / Capuchin / Nun

Erin Kleiber
Jodelet / Bertrandou / Nun

Jeb Makula
Montfleury / 2nd Cadet

Jeremy Mahr
Bellerose / 5th Cadet

Molly McLaughlin
Ligniere / 1st Cadet / Nun

Sarah Murphy
Foodseller / 6th Cadet / Mother Marguerite

Adam Overberg

Alaina Pascarella
2nd Marquis / Lise / Sister Claire

Tracy Skaggs

John R. Turner

Jake Walker
Le Bret

Maggie Woolley

Paul Workman
Valvert / 3rd Cadet

And introducing
Mike Schultz as
The Compte de Guiche

Production Staff

Director: Aaron E. Sullivan & THE CAST
Assistant Director: Denise Yoder
Stage Manager: Brianne Kinney
Fight Master: Mike King
Ensemble Master: Andy Koski
Producers: JC Luxton and Cait Bodenbender
Production Coordinators: Beth Woolley and Andy Lord
Props Mistress: Brianne Kinney
Costume Design: Aaron Sullivan, Cait Bodenbender, Catie Osborn, Kate Farence
Costume Construction: Catie Osborn, Kate Farence
Lighting Design: Cait Bodenbender and Jen Kingry
Lighting Master: Jen Kingry
Foley Artists: Jarrod DeRooi and Scot Gehret
Makeup and Design: Alaina Pascarella
Theater / Scenic Design: Aaron Sullivan, Cait Bodenbender
Production Crew: The Cast, The Production Team, Stephanie Moeller and Josef Bodenbender
Marketing Director: Denise Yoder
Poster Design: Jeff DeLeon
Program Design: Kristin and Tracy Skaggs

Special Thanks

The Curtainbox Theatre Company
Ruth Ann Hunter
Carole Keenan
Andy Koski
Playcrafters Barn Theatre
Richmond Hill Players
Eddie Staver
Sandra Turner
Jake Walker
Denise Yoder
Sharon Yoder