The Comedy of Errors

April 2019

Directed by Adam Lewis

“… high-energy … full of physical comedy and mistaken identities, keeping you fully engaged and entertained … accessible and understandable” –Madeline Dudziak, River Cities’ Reader

Emma Regnier and Jarrod DeRooi
Photo Credit: Tracy Skaggs

“… a gleeful, fast-paced … romp of a show that’s part Monty Python’s Flying Circus, part Keystone Kops, and part Three Stooges and full of belly laughs.” –Chris Hicks, Dispatch-Argus

JC Luxton, Noah Stivers, and Jake Walker
Photo Credit: Tracy Skaggs

Two sets of twins separated at birth unwittingly inhabit the same city, resulting in the ultimate case of mistaken identity. As the siblings struggle with a series of misunderstandings, comedy thrives amid the chaos.

Cait Bodenbender as Adriana
Photo Credit: Tracy Skaggs



Noah Stivers
Duke Solinus
Angelo, a goldsmith
An Officer

John Turner
Doctor Pinch

Catherine Bodenbender
An Officer

Kitty Israel
A Captain
Rosaline, a courtesan
Aemilia, an abbess

Jarrod DeRooi
Antipholus of Syracuse

Denise Yoder
A Courtesan
Menaechmus, a creditor

Jake Walker
Dromio of Ephesus

JC Luxton
Antipholus of Ephesus

And Introducing…

Emma Regnier
Dromio of Syracuse


Director: Adam Lewis
Artistic Director, Costume Coordinator: Catherine Bodenbender
Set Construction: Jarrod DeRooi
Fight Choreographers: Jarrod DeRooi, Denise Yoder
Sound Design: Elizabeth Hager
Lighting Design: Justin Hager
House Manager: Jeremy Mahr
Photography: Tracy Skaggs
Graphic Designer: Nathan Klaus
Marketing Team: Mischa Hooker, Kitty Israel, Nathan Klaus, Denise Yoder

Special Thanks

QC Theatre Workshop
Lily Blouin